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Gay Advertising's Most POPULAR MODEL Of All Time

Sexy stock photography modeling can land you everywhere!







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"Ma Lawi" Banned From Silly Drag Names

"Ma Lawi" has been removed from the list of officially sanctioned silly drag names.


The name now conjures ignorance and hatred after a Malawi gay couple were handed down harsh prison terms for holding the country's first same-sex wedding.



The lenthy pun-filled drag list is maintained by the Drag Organization Of Linguistics (DROOL), run by Faye King and Anita Sausage.





First Came The Fag BISHOP—Now There's A Dyke!

The Episcopalian Church now has two same-sex loving bishops!



Mary Glasspool was ordained last week.



V. Gene Robinson has been a bishop since 2003.


Both report to "God," which makes them so happy, happy, happy!  You can tell by their always twinkling eyes and big grins! 


And they get to wear such pretty costumes!


But when it comes to flashy finery, Gene wins hands down!


Mary was selected by audience applause when Ye Mighty Purple Bishop raised his hand one by one over the finalists, including former talk-show hostess Sally Jesse Raphael who now has a buzz cut.


Better luck next time, Sally!


Religion is KrAzy FuN!




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GEORGE REKER's Gay Jaunt Inspires Dashing New Travel Bag

Religious-right leader George Rekers' much-buzzed-about tour of Europe with a male escort is the inspiration for a new suitcase that's both fashionable and functional.


The bold pattern juxtaposes Reckers' iconic smiley portrait with the logo from, which is where he found his twink traveling mate.




Perfect for transporting your Bible and your massage oils!




(Illustration by Michael Magnan)



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CYNTHIA NIXON Has The Hots For Supreme Court Nominee ELENA KAGAN

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has a celebrity crush—50-year-old unmarried Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan!




Cynthia's had a thing for pudgy butches ever since meeting her current beau, Christine Marinoni.



"Elena is just my type of gal," says Nixon.  "I'm happily married, but there's no harm in fantasizing!"






FACIAL HAIR Trend Sweeps Anti-Gay Movement!

Religious right leader George Rekers has had a rough time lately, ever since he was caught by the press cavorting with a nublie male escort.



But at least his moustache looks good!  Thick, fluffy and ready to rub!


Rekers is one of the founding members of the antigay organization NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality), where many of his cohorts also sport facial hair.  It's a Christian look that's modern, masculine and oh-so-very heterosexual!




Dr. Joseph Nicolosi



Dr. Neil Whitehead (with his devoted wife)



Robert L. Vazzo



Dr. Christopher Rosik



Lester Petlow


Well-groomed and sexy as they fight for heterosexual supremacy!



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