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Friday April 23, 2010

ARCHIE CARTOON's New Gay Guy Has Shocking Porno Past!

The creators of "Archie Comics" have introduced the story's first gay character!




Kevin Keller is cute, kind, wholesome...


Or so he appears!


Check out these shocking images obtained by My Comrade of his porno past!



Is quaint Riverdale ready for kinky Kevin?!



(Thanks to media manipulator Michael Magnan)


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Saturday June 6, 2009

No Judgment, But This CRAIGSLIST Ad Is Most Unusual—Guy Seeks “BUGS BUNNY In Drag For Kinky Roleplay”

What’s the best way for a trannychaser to fulfill his long simmering fantasy of fooling around with cross-dressing Bugs Bunny?



Taking out a Casual Encounters ad (m4t) on Craigslist, of course. 


Seeking Real Life Bugs Bunny in Drag for Kinky Roleplay

I am seeking men, crossdressers, femme guys etc. into roleplaying various "cartoon" style roleplay fantasies whereby you act like a sexy,tricky cunning vixen/femme fatale who sadistically enjoys outsmarting, tricking and humiliating me in various ways (i.e. kicking me in the balls, hitting me on the head w/frying pan, gently but seductively hand-smothering my face etc.).



Who wants to be a wascally wabbit?


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Saturday August 16, 2008

That Ain't Fair! COCK-TEASING GYMNASTS Win Medals, But NUDE WRESTLERS Get the Boot!

There's nothing more voyeuristic than the Olympics—billions of television viewers ogling some of the world’s best toned bods, including those belonging to the American gymnastic team.

American Men's Gymnastic Team 2008 Olympics

When the team competed earlier this week—and nabbed bronze—there was an erotic sense of excitement as the nubile athletes showed off their bulging torsos and incredible dexterity.  (Can you imagine how much fun those guys must be in bed?)

American Men's Gymnastic Team 2008 Olympics

But back in the good ol’ U.S. of A., two college star wrestlers—Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan of the University of Nebraska—got into big trouble for daring to assert their sexuality after it was revealed that they posed nude for the porn site FratmenTV.

Paul Donahoe FratMenTV.com  Kenny Jordan FratMenTV.com

The reaction was swift and predictable: A steady stream of pious outrage and homophobic ridicule, especially from sports-writers and commentators.  “College athletes must remain pure,” railed columnist Rick Telander in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Yes, you guessed it—Donahoe and Jordan (who are presumably straight) were kicked off their wrestling team.

Once again, America’s puritanical streak raises its ugly head.  And two young athletes are punished for doing basically the same thing as the lauded Olympics gymnasts: Putting their hard-earned muscular physiques on display for an eager and appreciative public.

Donahoe and Jordan deserve medals, too—solid gold for their great sexual service to mankind.


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Wednesday August 13, 2008

ERIN MARKEY Has A New Show—THE CURSE—And For A Change, She Keeps Her CLOTHES ON

Erin Markey, one of the brightest starlets of NYC’s off-center performance scene, ain’t shy about showing off some skin for dramatic effect.

Erin Markey  Erin Markey

Erin Markey

In her autobiographical show, Puppy Love: A Stripper’s Tale, about her working at Midwest topless clubs, she also gets to demonstrate her pole-dancing skills—while playing the piano!

Erin Markey

But for her “high-concept, low-budget” summer production, The Curse, she stays clad—in menswear—as Michigan family-guy Hardy Dardy, who hosts a radio talk-show in his suburban backyard.  In between interviews with a dazzling lineup of eccentric guests, he tends to the grill and serves bratwurst to the studio audience.

Erin Markey

It’s a multi-media piece: the show web-streams live on Cupcake Broadcast Studios (co-founded by MyComrade.com web-programmer Tim McNerney).  Listeners are welcome to call in with questions and comments.

This Saturday, August 16th, at Dixon Place, marks The Curse's final installment of the season.

There will be some flesh on display—Mr. Hardy’s guests include pole-dancer guru Kyra Johannesen.

And maybe Erin will invite you back to her dressing room...



Sunday August 10, 2008

OLYMPICS Flashback: 1996 Gold-Medal Decathlon Winner DAN O'BRIEN In VERSACE Underwear Ad

Twelve-years ago, the Olympic hunk of the hour was American decathlete Dan O’Brien.  His winning ways and toned bod garnered him a modeling contract for Versace underwear.

Dan O'Brien Versace ad

 Does the same good fortune await Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps swimsuit Olympics


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Tuesday August 5, 2008

Fashion Pack! Supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER Vs. Bulging Ballet Star ROBERTO BOLLE

Any day now, the fashion magazines start rolling out their ad-packed fall issues.  Salvatore Ferragamo's ad campaign in particular is bound to make a splash—a backstage scenario starring Claudia Schiffer and 33-year-old Italian ballet sensation Roberto Bolle.

Roberto Bolle

It's amazing where your eyes are drawn to first, isn't it? 

Salvatore Ferragamo Claudia Schiffer Roberto Bolle

Salvatore Ferragamo Claudia Schiffer Roberto Bolle

White tights for fall?  How delightfully chic!


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Monday July 28, 2008


Poinsettia Landings, a condominium development in trés gay Fort Lauderdale, hopes to spur sales with its sexy new ads.

If the model looks familiar, it's because he also appears in ads for ClassifiedEscorts.com.

Classified Escorts

What would you rather get from him—a Florida condo or an erotic massage?


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