Thursday May 27, 2010

Gay Advertising's Most POPULAR MODEL Of All Time

Sexy stock photography modeling can land you everywhere!







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Monday May 3, 2010

QUEEN LATIFAH Renews Subscription to People Magazine

My Comrade has learned that entertainer Queen Latifah has renewed her subscription to People Magazine.



Her year-long subscription was to have ended last week, but she made a last-minute decision to renew after hearing that this week's issue features a celebrity coming-out cover story.


Latifah wants to learn for herself about the tantalizing news!




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Friday March 19, 2010

Online Magazine DIS Joins Super Information Highway

There's a new and refreshingly clever multimedia magazine on the scene—Dis!





According to its creators, a "collective" of NYC artsy-fashiony types, Dis is out to:

"Disolve contentions,

Distort realities,

Dismember the establishment"


"Disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse that's been distinctly distributed in order to display the disenfranchised as disposable."


Whew!  That's a lot of dissing!



Among the contents:


*Writer Patrik Sandberg's hilarious (and probably true) predictions for the near future.  For example: "Plastic surgery will soon be free, though qualifications will need to pre-exist, such as ugliness."



*A fashion shoot by Marco Roso about the world dominance of denim.


*Illustrator Michael Lucid's send-up of the vapid times we live in.


*Another shoot by Roso, with a hefty size bra as the "in" fashion item.

Even if you're dyslexic, you'll love Dis!


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Wednesday December 2, 2009

DRAG QUEENS Vie For Attention On TV Screen And On Stage!

Eager for a TV show that "explores and exploits the glamorous and ghetto-fabulous drag queen scene of New York City?"


Then keep your fingers crossed that some network picks up The Queens of Drag: NYC, a reality show in progress that's being shopped around.


The cast members, including Lady Bunny, Sherry Vine, Peppermint and Kevin Aviance, have been filmed performing their various musical acts. 

I was NOT asked to participate and I'm composing my scathing letter to the clueless casting agent!  Kidding—it doesn't look like I'd be a good fit anyway.  I'm too modern!


Obviously the producers are hoping for the same type of success garnered by RuPaul's Drag Race, which is gearing up for its second season.


Last season's winner, Bebe Zahara Benet.


The upcoming season includes a NYC gal, Sahara Davenport, who cut her teeth on the Texas pageant scene.


I recently hung out with Sahara and her girlfriend-boyfriend Manila.  In "real life" the two are gay lovers!


Also in drag news, but in the world of theatre, chanteuse Justin Bond is teaming up with the gender-fuck dance troupe Pixie Harlots for Christmas Spells, a holiday extravaganza set in a bordello.

 Definitely not the kind of entertainment you'll find on TV. 

Is that good or bad?


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Tuesday September 29, 2009

BUTT Magazine Calls Me "Refreshingly Untalented!" (It's A Compliment)

Last week I ventured down to the Lower East Side office of the international fagazine BUTT for an interview with staff reporter Adam Baran.


And low and behold, my Q&A was posted today on BUTT's website.


Not quite as prestigous as landing on the cover of the print issue, but (Butt) I'll take it!


In fact, I'm thrilled.


Finally, the recognition I deserve!


Today BUTT, tomorrow... um, Vanity Fair?  Time?  Or perhaps...


Move over Fiya!  There's a new Butt girl in town!


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Sunday September 20, 2009

Who Do New York HOOKERS Consider The City’s Sexiest Person? Drag Performer JUSTIN BOND!

According to new a new poll by Time Out New York magazine, local "perverati"—gigilos, sex bloggers, strippers, pornographers, etc.—consider the sexiest person in New York to be girly-boy singer Justin Bond!


The poll doesn't mention what percentage of the participants are male or female... or blind!  Just kidding—here is no denying that Bond eludes an intriguing self-confident sex appeal, and always seems to be in the company of a gaggle of adoring young men (hookers?).


Also in Bond's favor is that he's extremely photogenic and stylish. 



Solidifying his sexy rep most of all is his public transformation.


Bond shot to fame with Kenny Mellman as the demented (and elderly) lounge act Kiki and Herb.


Scrub off the wrinkles and get rid of the fright wig and—Viola!—a lovely butterfly emerges from the cocoon!


A similar showbiz example: Urkel of Family Matters portrayed by all grown-up now (and kinda hunky) Jaleel White.


Time Out's "perverati" also voted the Hitachi Magic Wand as their favorite sex toy. 

Ready for some sweet vibrations, Justin?


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Wednesday September 9, 2009

Gender-Bending Photo Novella BITCHES IN THE SKY Hits The Web!

After a very lengthy "soft opening," Bitches in the Sky makes its official debut this week!



I'm proud to say that I'm the creator and writer of the gender-bending photo novella, which follows the outrageous adventures of New York's filthy rich.


The cast, all of them plucked from the nightlife scene, is amazing!  Such fab silent stars!



Below, from left: Ladyfag (as media maven Lucinda Black), Sylvia London (as poor little rich girl Pixie Woolworth) and Curtsy (as batty old broad Gertrude McCoy).


This is a HUGE project for me, but for now I'm not going to say much.  I'd rather have you check it out for yourself at!


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