Friday January 29, 2010

Sex Change for SULTANA In Her New Music Video!

Egyptian-American drag queen Sultana is truly one of New York's most unique nightlife celebrities.


In the video for her new dance song, "Mix It Up," she reveals her male and female personas.  Sample lyric: "Do you prefer me butch, Or do you want a freak?" 



Music by Conrad Kaneshiro.  Video by Iyad Qasem.


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Sunday January 17, 2010

On Display—Cult Singer CODY CRITCHELOE's Fab Videos!

I wish I could have been in L.A. this weekend for the opening of "Boy," an exhibit at Peres Projects featuring the video work of Cody Critcheloe who masterminds the band SSION (pronounced "Shun).




I love his music and visuals and artsy sense of humor!


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Saturday July 18, 2009

Video Coverage Of The GOSSIP's CD Launch Party In London!

The Gossip, including lead singer Beth Ditto, celebrated the release of its new CD Music for Men in London a few weeks ago, and somes videos of the fun-filled event—a music-store affair followed by a nightclub after-party—have just been posted on the band's website.


Most of the action follows effervescent Ditto palling around with hilarious drag artisté Vaginal Creme Davis (who resides in Berlin; don't believe her when she says Estonia) and Cody Critcheloe of the great Kansas City art band Ssion.


What a fab trio!  Laughs galore!  More party videos here.

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Tuesday June 9, 2009

In Honor of HAIR’s Big Broadway Win—MISSTRESS FORMIKA Singing “Aquarius” From Wigstock The Movie!

Congratulations Hair!  The groovy Broadway show was honored as the best musical revival at Sunday night's Tony Awards.
A few weeks ago, I saw the cast perform at a Midtown rally for marriage equality. (Aging radical me mostly went to boo arrogant Mayor Bloomberg—which was very satisfying.)

The young cast members—They looked like they were 16-years old!—were adorable and did a great job of conveying the wild exhuberence of the 1960s.

But perhaps my fondest Hair memory goes back to Wigstock 1993 when Misstress Formika wowed the crowd gathered at Tompkins Square Park with her spirited lip-synch of "Age of Aquarius."


Two years later, her performance was immortalized in the documentary Wigtock The Movie.


The song's hopeful lyrics—"harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding"—as interpreted by my fierce and ferocious friend Formika makes for a performance for the ages!


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Monday December 1, 2008

On World AIDS Day, We Remember SYLVESTER - As Portrayed In The New Movie MILK

The scores of talented people cut down during the darkest days of the AIDS crisis include ultra-flamboyant disco singer Sylvester, who died in 1988 at age 40.

During the hippie era, Sylvester moved from L.A. to San Francisco and joined the gender-bending Cockettes.  Later came local success as a dance artist, followed by international fame and a flurry of chart-topping hits.



It’s only fitting that the the new movie Milk, set in the Bay City during the 1970s, includes a scene with Sylvester (performing at an election-night victory party).

Playing the part is Mark Martinez a.k.a. dancer and singer Flava, whose credits include Seigfried and Roy’s Las Vegas show.


How fabulous that the movie has chosen to honor Sylvester’s wonderful spirit.  Like the inspiration for Milk—pioneering politician Harvey Milk— the singer was an gay lib crusader whose life tragically ended way too soon.



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Tuesday November 4, 2008

YMA SUMAC Dies - Peruvian Singer Was A Drag Queen ICON

Yma Sumac, the Peruvian singer who inspired countless drag performers with her exotic style and soaring vocal skills (ideal for lipsynching), has died at age 86.

Sumac burst on to the American music scene is 1950 with her album, Voice of the Xtabay, which soared to number one on the charts.

From The New York Times:

"Her image was pleasantly jolting in what many saw as the staid 1950s.  She wore long, heavy braids in her raven hair; traditional Indian costumes; lots of gold and silver jewelry; and exotic makeup.  She spoke of jungle animals as musical influences."


"[Over the years], the Incan Princess became a venerable queen of camp, popping up decade after decade with her unsettling mix of strange sounds, folk roots and a vivacious stage personality. Fans ranged from aficionados of lounge music to rockers attracted by ethereal sounds to lovers of classic pop."

For a taste of the diva and her unbelievable voice, check out her YouTube page.


R.I.P Y.S.


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Thursday October 30, 2008

New MUSIC From Heatherette Designer RICHIE RICH — Is He Reviving His SINGING Career?

Club-kid turned Heatherette fashion-designer Richie Rich has a new 12-song DVD!
However, only one of the songs is actually by him—“Celebutante,” which is also the name of the collection.  He curated the rest of the tracks, including songs by the Scissor Sisters, Mya and Blondie.

This isn’t the squeaky-voiced multi-tasker’s first foray into the music scene.  Back in the 1990s, he made some stabs at being a singer, including his single “Love You a Million”…

... And his dance version of Olivia Newton-John’s “Magic."

 Will "Celebutante" be his breakthrough hit?  It's never too late to be a pop star!


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