Thursday March 25, 2010

Julie Atlas Muz And Beau Revisit BEAUTY AND THE BEAST



It's a tale as old as time and true as it can be...


But long-distance lovers—NYC burlesque babe Julie Atlas Muz and London performance artist Mat Fraser—are giving a new spin to Beauty and the Beast.  (Their one-night-only show is at the Abrons Art Center on April 19.)


Brainy bombshell Muz is a former Miss Exotic World.  Fraser, "a disability arts celebrity," proudly flaunts his stunted arms—his stage name is Sealboy—and is renown as one of England's best male striptease artists. 


Photo by Karl Giant.

Their B & B intriguingly questions who is beautiful and who is beastly!



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Monday November 23, 2009

My 48 Hours in NYC As A Clown With A Big Red Nose!

Some fashion snobs might call me tacky—I wore my clown outfit two nights in a row!



The first stop on my clown tour was Bingo-Ski, where I was the night's birthday gal.




With ultra-kooky spokesmodel Duch.


Taking my hostess job seriously with a cutie game winner.


With Rinky-Dink and Vinny Dazzle—and phallic balloons!  


Afterwards at Beauty Bar in a polka dot daze.


The following night I opted to go clownish again for the 25th anniversary of the beautiful people restaurant Indochine.  I was one of dozens of performers brought on board to add some spice.  (Thanks for the job, Miss Understood!)



With Sequinette and Sylvia London.



 I am not afraid to repeat outfits—

I play by my own clown rules!



Thursday October 29, 2009

What To Do on HALLOWEEN? Party With Me And A Cast of Amazing Kooks!

I'm throwing a party at the same space I do Bingo-Ski!


No Bingo games tonight—Just dancing and drinking and acting like fool-skis!



Wishing you and your gay family a happy holiday!



Sunday October 25, 2009

Classic CLUB INVITES - Back Before People Relied On The Web!

From my collection of nightclub ephemera...


In 2001, the headquarters for stylist-designer Patricia Field was her Soho boutique Hotel Venus, which is where you could purchase its eponymous (and short lived) magazine.  The flyer below, from the nightclub Spa, celebrates the magazine's second issue by reproducing its cover—stunning transsexual Amanda Lepore photographed by French photographers Pierre and Giles.

In 2001 the kink-obsessed party Click & Drag set up home at the Chinatown dance spot known as Fun.  The flyer for this "Plushies" bash (featuring a photo by Rob Roth) urged partygoers to wear "furvert fetish."  But the party, set for Septermber 13, never occurred.  By then all of downtown was a no-party zone after the 9/11 attack.

The stars of Milk, a lively house-music party which reigned in the mid-1990s, included gender illusionist and nightlife superstar Girlina, whose photo for this birthday-party flyer is by Aaron Cobbett.   Nowadays, she's shortened her name to Lina, and thanks to surgery, fills out her bikini top quite nicely.


The haunting illustration for this flyer for Disco 2000—the infamous 1990s club kid megaparty—is by former nightclub personality Kabuki, who is now a well-known makeup artist.  Sacred, short for Sacred Boy, was one of the party's many hosts; the invite is for his 1994 "ceremonial birthday mass."

Back then flyers were your mini guide to nightlife!  I wish I had saved more!


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Sunday October 18, 2009

Annual Freak Fest CLICK & DRAG Strikes Again!

Click & Drag—a "cyber/fetish/gender-hacking" party—used to be a weekly affair at the dearly departed nightclub Mother.  Now it's a yearly event—and a fabulous opportunity for NYC's freaky set to converge and show off their latest freaky outfits.


Here's just a sampling of the wild crowd from last night's gathering at Santos Party House: 




Darrell never fails to amaze!


Performer Pat Johnson was a colorful delight!


Couture designer Garo Sparo and performer Sequinette (wearing one of Sparo's designs).



Me with Vanity Society in a birdcage!


Artist Bertha and burlesque performer Darlinda Just Darlinda.


Sylvia London and Machine Dazzle.


Hottie in a loincloth.  My favorite outfit of the night!


Flash & Flesh!



Tuesday September 22, 2009

BINGO-SKI Strikes Again—With "Bitches!" Thursday, September 24th

It's cross-pollination time!


Wacky game night BINGO-SKI celebrate the new cyberspace photo novella Bitches In The Sky, written by hostess Linda Simpson!


*Prizes!  *Laffs!   *Personalities Galore!


Go here for photos of the most recent BINGO-SKI



 Good times!


Saturday July 11, 2009

BOON DICKLE’S BEAVERHOUSE Welcomes Go-Go Creations Narcissister and Exceed!

WHAT: The new Thursday-night party Boon Dickle’s Beaverhouse (How many bong hits did it take to come up with that?!)
WHERE: Beauty Bar on 14th Street
WHO: DJs Tommy Hottpants and Zach are in charge (and sometimes hostess Duch)

This past week, the upbeat rock party was spiced up by a couple of guest go-go dancers—incredible performance artist Narcissister and her beau Exceed.


Narcissister in one of her signature masks

Exceed discovers a new use for vinyl

Zach goes for a lick

Tommy waves his arms in the air like he just don’t care!


Hey, there’s me (I was guest hostessing) in a DJ sandwich!

Thanks for the fun time, Boon Dickle’s!


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