Friday May 14, 2010

GEORGE REKER's Gay Jaunt Inspires Dashing New Travel Bag

Religious-right leader George Rekers' much-buzzed-about tour of Europe with a male escort is the inspiration for a new suitcase that's both fashionable and functional.


The bold pattern juxtaposes Reckers' iconic smiley portrait with the logo from, which is where he found his twink traveling mate.




Perfect for transporting your Bible and your massage oils!




(Illustration by Michael Magnan)



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Tuesday May 11, 2010

FACIAL HAIR Trend Sweeps Anti-Gay Movement!

Religious right leader George Rekers has had a rough time lately, ever since he was caught by the press cavorting with a nublie male escort.



But at least his moustache looks good!  Thick, fluffy and ready to rub!


Rekers is one of the founding members of the antigay organization NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality), where many of his cohorts also sport facial hair.  It's a Christian look that's modern, masculine and oh-so-very heterosexual!




Dr. Joseph Nicolosi



Dr. Neil Whitehead (with his devoted wife)



Robert L. Vazzo



Dr. Christopher Rosik



Lester Petlow


Well-groomed and sexy as they fight for heterosexual supremacy!



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Friday April 23, 2010

ARCHIE CARTOON's New Gay Guy Has Shocking Porno Past!

The creators of "Archie Comics" have introduced the story's first gay character!




Kevin Keller is cute, kind, wholesome...


Or so he appears!


Check out these shocking images obtained by My Comrade of his porno past!



Is quaint Riverdale ready for kinky Kevin?!



(Thanks to media manipulator Michael Magnan)


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Saturday April 10, 2010

Classic HORNY PRIEST PARODY From My Comrade Magazine

From the 2004 issue of My Comrade magazine.  Some things never change!





Priest: Flloyd

Altar boys: Peter Corvington and Justin Scott.

Photos by Michael Wakefield.



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Sunday February 28, 2010

Does NEXT MAGAZINE's New Cover Include VPL? And Whose Is It?

Call me a perv, but I think it looks like Next Magazine's cover of trannie nightclub hostess Dina Marie and Israeli porn star Avi Dar includes visible penis line!




Either Ari's jockstrap has a mesh pouch or Dina forgot to tuck!


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Thursday July 2, 2009

Real Pics of Jordy Chandler? He’s The Kid Who Got $15 Million Hush Money From Michael Jackson!

HIStory Lesson…

In 1994, Michael Jackson paid $15 million hush money to the family of 14-year-old Jordy Chandler. 

In exchange, Chandler’s (greedy) parents agreed to drop their charges that Jackson was carrying on a very inappropriate relationship with their son.

And what’s Jordan up to now?  If these Internet pics are actually him, he’s morphed into a foxy young man.  


He does look like the same guy identified by the English tabloids.

Sexy and rich… But at what cost?


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Thursday September 18, 2008

A Look Back At CALVIN KLEIN’s Controversial Ads, Including The Ones With The LITTLE KIDS!

Over at ZeitgeistWorld, editor Paisley Dalton takes a trip down memory lane as he recaps Calvin Klein’s long and headline-grabbing history of using sex to sell jeans, perfume, underwear, etc.

Who could forget such CK campaigns as the ones starring Brooke “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” Shields and hunky rapper Marky Mark?

Calvin Klein Brooke Shields  Calvin Klein Marky Mark

But Calvin landed in hot water in 1999 with a series of ads for children’s underwear.

Calvin Klein underwear

“Child porn!,” fumed moralistic America, and the ads were withdrawn the day after they came out, never to be seen again.

Maybe if Calvin had added a little doggie there wouldn’t have been such a fuss.

Coppertone Girl


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