Sunday April 25, 2010

CHASTITY BONO Donates Breasts To Help Smother Volcano

Iceland has a powerful new weapon for combating exploding volcanoes: Chastity Bono's recently removed breasts.



Bono, the offspring of pop-music duo Sonny and Cher, is transitioning into a man and has been holding on to her substantial flesh mounds with plans of someday transforming them into a hilly park.  She has decided instead to generously donate them to Iceland's emergency volcanic efforts.


A fleet of helicopters will transport her breasts from California to active volcano Eyjafjallajökull where they will be dropped into its gaping crater.  The sheer size of the breasts is expected to completely stuff up the volcano and halt emission of lava and poisonous ash.



"I'm so proud of my son," said Cher, when reached at her Malibu mansion.



Thursday January 14, 2010

Cherry Dazzle Finally Knows Her Baby's Gender!

Until yesterday, Cherry Dazzle (a.k.a. Cary Curran) of NYC's Dazzle Dancers, didn't know the gender of her soon-to-be-born baby.




She and her boyfriend Josh decided to wait to find out until "it" was born.




Well, guess what?   Cherry just had a girl!




It's a boy!!!!!!!


Cherry e-mailed me today (She bounced back quick!) that she and Josh are waiting a couple of weeks before they give him a name.


Why not just permanently call him baby?  Everyone loves a baby!


A million congratulations!  Can't wait to see baby perform with the Dazzles!  Nude!



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Monday November 9, 2009

Glamour Is Not Dead! Behold These MISS GAY AMERICA Contestants

And the winner of Miss Gay America 2010 is... Alyssa Edwards!

The pageant (in biz since 1987) was recently held in St. Louis, and is considered one of the country's most prestigous female-impersonation competitions.


The hair!  The jewelry!  The gowns!  The girls' theatrical names! 


The over-the-top aesthetics are incredible, as evidenced by some of Edwards' lovely competitors, pictured below.  (All of them have all won other competitions—there are many, especially in the Midwest and South!)



JADE SINCLAIR (Miss Midwest America 2009)


CHANTEL RASHAE (Miss Mid America 2009)


TISHA TOWERS (Miss Gay Delaware America 2009)


SPARKLE IMAN (Miss Gay Kansas America 2009)


KARYN THOMAS (Miss Gay America Competition History)


COCO MONTRESE (Miss Heart of America 2009)


MARIAH CANDY (Miss Gay Illinois America 2009)

Dedicated to their craft!



Tuesday September 29, 2009

BUTT Magazine Calls Me "Refreshingly Untalented!" (It's A Compliment)

Last week I ventured down to the Lower East Side office of the international fagazine BUTT for an interview with staff reporter Adam Baran.


And low and behold, my Q&A was posted today on BUTT's website.


Not quite as prestigous as landing on the cover of the print issue, but (Butt) I'll take it!


In fact, I'm thrilled.


Finally, the recognition I deserve!


Today BUTT, tomorrow... um, Vanity Fair?  Time?  Or perhaps...


Move over Fiya!  There's a new Butt girl in town!


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Wednesday July 29, 2009

CARY CURRAN Of The Dazzle Dancers Is Pregnant!

Cary Curran a.k.a. Cherry Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers (renown for its members' glitter, nudity and enthusiasm) has been putting on the pounds! The happy gal is several months pregnant (by her boyfriend Josh, of course) and definitely showing.

We don’t have any pics of pregnant Cary yet so just imagine her in these photos with a little belly.



Free-spirited Cary is sure to make a great mom. 

Congratulations Mommy-To-Be Dazzle!


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Saturday July 18, 2009

Video Coverage Of The GOSSIP's CD Launch Party In London!

The Gossip, including lead singer Beth Ditto, celebrated the release of its new CD Music for Men in London a few weeks ago, and somes videos of the fun-filled event—a music-store affair followed by a nightclub after-party—have just been posted on the band's website.


Most of the action follows effervescent Ditto palling around with hilarious drag artisté Vaginal Creme Davis (who resides in Berlin; don't believe her when she says Estonia) and Cody Critcheloe of the great Kansas City art band Ssion.


What a fab trio!  Laughs galore!  More party videos here.

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Thursday June 4, 2009


Yesterday we reported on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s fascinating 1995 ruling on whether My Comrade magazine (from which this website originated) could be classified as pornography. 


In her detailed analysis of the Winter 1990 issue, she concluded that the magazine was “intended more to amuse than to arouse" (despite the presence of a couple of "erect penises").


But  why didn’t Sotomayor chime in about the magazine’s lesbian content?  At that time, My Comrade was two publications in one—the flip side was its Sapphic counterpart Sister!

On the cover were boutique owner and future super-stylist Patricia Field and scandal girl of the moment Sukhreet Gabel.




We would have loved to find out Sotomayor's opinion of Pat’s plunging neckline…



 Or Sukhreet’s nipple action…



Or performance artists Shelly Mars and Katie Krocodile cavorting in “Girl Scout Cookies for Nursery Diesel."



But Sotomayer opted not to comment on Sister! and its lesbian titillation whatsoever.


Guess she prefers to keep those kind of feelings to herself...




Patricia Field photos by Ande Whyland

Sukhreet Gabel photos by Michael Wakefield

"Girl Scout" written by Dany Johnson, photos by Ande Whyland

Layouts by Eric Pryor


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