Thursday September 18, 2008

A Look Back At CALVIN KLEIN’s Controversial Ads, Including The Ones With The LITTLE KIDS!

Over at ZeitgeistWorld, editor Paisley Dalton takes a trip down memory lane as he recaps Calvin Klein’s long and headline-grabbing history of using sex to sell jeans, perfume, underwear, etc.

Who could forget such CK campaigns as the ones starring Brooke “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins” Shields and hunky rapper Marky Mark?

Calvin Klein Brooke Shields  Calvin Klein Marky Mark

But Calvin landed in hot water in 1999 with a series of ads for children’s underwear.

Calvin Klein underwear

“Child porn!,” fumed moralistic America, and the ads were withdrawn the day after they came out, never to be seen again.

Maybe if Calvin had added a little doggie there wouldn’t have been such a fuss.

Coppertone Girl


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