Wednesday October 7, 2009

Spotted at Chelsea Gay Bar! CORY MONTEITH, Star Of TV Show GLEE! Or Is It An Imposter?

My friend Ricky and his pals were recently at the Chelsea gay bar Barracuda when they spotted a handsome young man in a striped polo shirt who they thought they recognized as Cory Monteith, one of the stars of the spirited Fox TV show Glee.


When they started talking to him he confirmed that he was Monteith and then he happily posed for a photo.


On the show Monteith plays Finn Hudson, quarterback of the high-school football team.



Do you think it's the same guy?  Or was the Barracuda guy just joshing?


Whoever the guy in the photo is, he's obviously comfortable hanging with the homos.


Thanks Ricky!


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