Tuesday December 2, 2008

AMANDA LEPORE’s New PERFUME Better Smell Good - It Costs $950!

Transsexual superstar Amanda Lepore jets down to Miami Beach this weekend for the launch of her pricey new fragrance, “Amanda,” which comes in a bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals and retails for $950.  

The event coincides with Art Basel, the annual contemporary art exhibition.  The perfume—inspired by Lepore’s “soft elegance, glamour and formidable strength”— is being marketed to collectors, with a limited edition of 5,000 bottles being produced.

Someone must be getting rich off of all this.  5000 x $950 = $4,750,000…!

This isn’t the enterprising tranny's first fragrance.  Back in the club-kid era, she was the inspiration for “Darling.”


Is Darling a collector’s item, too? 

Did anyone hang on to their bottle?



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