Saturday June 28, 2008

Anyone Remember A+ TALENT AGENCY? We Didn't Think So... Its Specialty Was Drag Stars And Club Kids—Including CANDIS CAYNE!

Candis Cayne gay pride parade model Alec Baldwin

What a year it’s been for transsexual entertainer Candis Cayne!  In honor of her accomplishments, she’s been selected to be co-marshall of tomorrow’s New York’s LGBT Pride Parade.

Although now living in L.A., Candis’s showbiz career was formed in New York.  She arrived at an opportune time—the early 1990s, when nightclubs, TV shows, movies and music videos were clamoring for drag performers and club kids.

Capitalizing on the demand was a specialty talent agency, A+ Models (which is now defunct).

Candis—pre-nose job, but still superfem—was one of the many colorful folks available for hire.  Recognize any of the other gals?  Surrounding Candis are Hedda Lettuce (top), HRH Princess Diandra (left), Shequida (right) and Amanda Lepore (bottom).

Candis Cayne gay pride parade model Amanda Lepore Hedda Lettuce HRH Princess Diandra Shequida

Other gals on the agency’s roster… From left to right: Lily of the Valley, the Baroness, Varla Jean Merman, Miss Understood and Kaubuki Starshine.

Lily of the Valley Baroness Varla Jean Merman Miss Understood Kabuki Starshine

...Also, choreographer and dancer Richard Move. (second from left) and Heatherette designer Richie Rich (far right).  

Richard Move Richie Rich Heatherette


Boy, those were the good old days… Candis is making good bucks nowadays, but back then, any freaky queen could get a job!


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