Saturday May 16, 2009

Best Setting For A Gay Artsy Party Ever—A 1930s Historic STEAMBOAT! Pics Galore!

Pier 17, which juts into the Hudson River as part of the Greenwich Village waterfront, was the scene of a spectacular collaboration last night, courtesy of the artsy gang Inbred Hybrid Collective and MIX, New York's experimental queer film festival.


The setting was as unique as can be: A rugged 1930s steamboat charmingly named Lilac.


Mutiny on the Bounty, the classic maritime novel, was the theme for the night, and from bow to stern, the boat was a hodgepodge of performances, installations, art exhibits and a lifeboat turned into a Budweiser bar.



A huge congratulations goes out to Inbred dynamo Dominic, who spearheaded the event.



What a merry group of cast-aways!



The water was calm and soothing.  Neptune, god of the seas, must have been pleased!