Saturday July 11, 2009

BOON DICKLE’S BEAVERHOUSE Welcomes Go-Go Creations Narcissister and Exceed!

WHAT: The new Thursday-night party Boon Dickle’s Beaverhouse (How many bong hits did it take to come up with that?!)
WHERE: Beauty Bar on 14th Street
WHO: DJs Tommy Hottpants and Zach are in charge (and sometimes hostess Duch)

This past week, the upbeat rock party was spiced up by a couple of guest go-go dancers—incredible performance artist Narcissister and her beau Exceed.


Narcissister in one of her signature masks

Exceed discovers a new use for vinyl

Zach goes for a lick

Tommy waves his arms in the air like he just don’t care!


Hey, there’s me (I was guest hostessing) in a DJ sandwich!

Thanks for the fun time, Boon Dickle’s!


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