Monday June 30, 2008

Christian Missionary Brainwashing Backfires! AFRICANS Break Away From Church Because It's TOO LIBERAL Towards GAYS!

According to an article in today’s New York Times, gays are causing a mighty branch of the Christian church to implode!

The report concerns the Anglican Communion, which emerged in 17th-century England and is now the world’s third largest grouping of churches with over 77-million members (in North America, it's known as the Episcopalian Church).  

Much of the growth has come from missionary work, and the Church’s membership is now comprised mostly of people who live in developing countries.

Church african missionary gay

But now those ingrate converts are causing all sorts of grief.   African church leaders are outraged that the European and American provinces have begun loosening up their policies towards gays.

So the Africans and their conservative allies had a big pow-wow this past week and are now threatening to form a “power bloc” to undermine the church's English leaders.  Some observers are predicting that the Anglican Church will soon split in two.

We’re no psychologists, but isn't this a classic case of long-simmering resentment and revenge?  Finally, the black Africans have a chance to stick it to their white European colonizers!

Church african missionary gay

Of course, the ironic aspect is that the Africans are embracing sexual stigmas forced on their cultures by the Europeans.  The sad part is that gay Africans have to live and suffer in a homophobic environment fueled by bad old-fashion Christianity.

Why is religion is so pathologically obsessed with controlling people minds and bodies?  

Church african missionary gay slaves chains

For Gawd’s Sakes, let our people go!


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