Sunday October 25, 2009

Classic CLUB INVITES - Back Before People Relied On The Web!

From my collection of nightclub ephemera...


In 2001, the headquarters for stylist-designer Patricia Field was her Soho boutique Hotel Venus, which is where you could purchase its eponymous (and short lived) magazine.  The flyer below, from the nightclub Spa, celebrates the magazine's second issue by reproducing its cover—stunning transsexual Amanda Lepore photographed by French photographers Pierre and Giles.

In 2001 the kink-obsessed party Click & Drag set up home at the Chinatown dance spot known as Fun.  The flyer for this "Plushies" bash (featuring a photo by Rob Roth) urged partygoers to wear "furvert fetish."  But the party, set for Septermber 13, never occurred.  By then all of downtown was a no-party zone after the 9/11 attack.

The stars of Milk, a lively house-music party which reigned in the mid-1990s, included gender illusionist and nightlife superstar Girlina, whose photo for this birthday-party flyer is by Aaron Cobbett.   Nowadays, she's shortened her name to Lina, and thanks to surgery, fills out her bikini top quite nicely.


The haunting illustration for this flyer for Disco 2000—the infamous 1990s club kid megaparty—is by former nightclub personality Kabuki, who is now a well-known makeup artist.  Sacred, short for Sacred Boy, was one of the party's many hosts; the invite is for his 1994 "ceremonial birthday mass."

Back then flyers were your mini guide to nightlife!  I wish I had saved more!


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