Thursday August 14, 2008

DRAG QUEENS Invade PROJECT RUNWAY! Wanna Know Who They Are?

Last night’s episode of Project Runway provided a sneak peak of who the contestants will be designing for next week (August 20th)—a gaggle of flamboyant drag queens!  

The colorful group includes NYC club personalities Sherry Vine, Sweetie

Sherry Vine Project Runway  Sweetie Project Runway

Miss Understood, Acid Betty...

Miss Understood Project Runway  Acid Betty Project Runway

...And performers Varla Jean Merman and Hedda Lettuce (taking time off from their annual summertime gigs in Provincetown).

Project Runway Varla Jean Merman  Project Runway Hedda Lettuce

We contacted a few of the gals for some behind-the-scenes scoop, but they barely revealed anything!  The bitches promised the producers they wouldn’t gab and damned if they’re sticking to their word.

We did, however, learn a few things about the special drag episode:

1) The girls were chosen to appear on the show by former Project Runway contestant Chris March,...

Project Runway Chris March

 ...who also dabbles in the fine art of drag.  Here's Chris with Elvira.

Project Runway Chris March

2) RuPaul (as a she, not a he) is the guest judge.

Project Runway RuPaul

3) The queens didn’t get paid (cheap!) and didn’t get to keep their new outfits.

4) During the filming, Hedda Lettuce got into a spat with her designer, which we’re so sure was utterly sincere.  We can’t imagine poor little Hedda resorting to fake outrage to get herself extra air time.

Project Runway Hedda Lettuce

To paraphrase last year's winner, Christian Siriano:

Farce Tranny Mess!


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