Sunday May 18, 2008


The Brooklyn nightclub Studio B was the place to BE last night as New York's hot new dance band Hercules and Love Affair performed its first public show ever.

The joint was packed to the gils with enthusiastic fans, and the group's debut album (which is already a big hit in Europe) got a terrific build-up for its release on June 24th.

Serving as the night's MC was My Comrade's very own editor Linda Simpson, who shares her backstage memories ...


Here I am with Andy Butler, the founder of Hercules and Love Affair, and vocalist Kim Ann Foxman.  I met Kim Ann when I was a judge and she was a contestant for the low-budget Miss Lower East Side Contest.  Although she didn't win, it whetted her appetite for the glories of show biz!



Just to give you an idea of how sweet Andy is... Here he is hugging his mom and dad, who flew in from Colorado for the occasion.   

Andy Butler and mom and dad Hercules and Love Affair



Andy again, this time with the group's other lead singer, Nomi.  She's young and pretty with a great body...For me, it's like looking in a mirror! 

Hercules and Love Affair Andy Butler Nomi



Group portrait of the band.  Don't you love their customized Banjee T-shirts?



Nomi changed into something a little more comfortable.

Nomi of Hercules and Love Affair



The group demanded that their dressing room be stocked with a vast array of potato chips and Studio B delivered! 



Jason (left) and Carter gave off good vibes.

Jason and Carter of Hercules and Love Affair



Guy (left) was on drums and Morgan played the keyboard.

Guy and Morgan Hercules and Love Affair



Ain't Morgan adorable?  The group is leaving for a several-month tour of Europe and I want to meet up so he can show me his hotel room.

Morgan of Hercules and Love Affair



As the group performed, dancers Shayne and Tigga mesmerized the crowd with their agile voguing skills!

Shane and Tigga of Hercules and Love Affair



Studio B's woman-in-charge is events planner Justine D.  She's young and pretty, with a great body.  Like looking in a mirror!  Damn that I have to use that joke so often...

Justine D of Hercules and Love Affair



After the fantastic show, DJs James Hillard and Jim Stanton of London's (best-named) dance party, Horsemeat Disco, thrilled the crowd.

Horse Meat Disco at Studio B Hercules and Love Affair


Whatta night!  Congratulations Hercules and Love Affair!  And thanks for having me!!!!!!



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