Thursday April 30, 2009

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Sex Symbol JAMES FRANCO With Freaks At High-Society Benefit!

Among the celebrity hosts at the NYC New Museum's gala fund-raiser last night was cutie-patootie actor James Franco, who presented a couple of awards during the dinner ceremony.


He also took time to pose with some of the night's performers—a rag-tag group of freaky nightlifers, many of them members of the Dazzle Dancers troupe, who were hired to bop around and add some color to the proceedings.




With Pretty Boy Dazzle (of the Dazzle Dancers)


With Vinnie Dazzle and Shaquanda Coco Mulatta a.k.a. Chunky Cupcake Dazzle  (Even celebrities gotta blink now and then)


With Sochney Dazzle and Rinky-Dinky Dazzle


And with me, My Comrade editor Linda Simpson

What a gracious host!