Friday January 23, 2009

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Drag-Themed Art Opening in Glamorous Hollywood!


By now, you've heard about RuPaul's upcoming TV show featuring drag queens competing for something another.


To help promote the show, the World of Wonder production company organized a drag-themed art exhibit at its very own gallery.


The opening was a mob scene, attracting so many enthusiasts that RuPaul couldn't even get in! 


But loads of other folks managed to squeeze inside, including...


Christy Girlington


Artist Kenny Scharf and Constance


One of the contestant from RuPaul's reality show


Jackie Beat!


Co-curator and interviewer James St. James and artist Dominc Cloutier


Artist Angus Oblong in his trademark clown makeup and a pretty young thing

Very arty, indeed!


Photos by Ves Pitts



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