Thursday October 15, 2009

EXCLUSIVE! Playgirl's DANIEL NARDICIO Spills The Beans On LEVI JOHNSTON'S Upcoming Spread!

By now you're heard the nonstop buzz that 19-year-old Levi Johnston, the stud-muffin nemesis of Sarah Palin, is going to pose for Playgirl (which stopped publishing last year and now exists online). 


And who's responsible for this intriguing media event?  Playgirl consultant Daniel Nardicio, who also makes a living throwing raunchy (and infamous) gay nightlife events in New York and Fire Island.



Nardicio and Johnston


Nardicio has been courting Johnston since August—and it seems that the Alaskan teen is just days away from posing!  However, even Nardicio isn't sure if Johnston's team is just saying yes as a ploy to get their client's name in the news.  If that's the case, their strategy is working—Everyone is yakking about Johnston's possible spread, from Perez Hilton to Gawker to us! 


In an exclusive interview with Nardicio, we got all sorts of speculative info!



Johnston is scheduled to arrive in NYC on Friday, November 6th.  The shoot will occur that weekend, with Nardicio escorting him around town, day and night, including a possible special party at the Box nightclub .   "I'm bringing along a couple of cute girls to make him comfortable and get him riled up," says Nardicio.



Among the photo scenarios being considered are "upscale" shots at the Rivington Hotel and a hockey locker room scene.  "The earliest pictures that everyone saw of him were him in his fucking ice hockey outfit," says Nardicio. 



How much skin is Johnston prepared to show?  "There's no question as to whether he'll take off his underwear, it's the level to which he'll show," says Nardicio.   "We're negotiating if we can take photos through a clear shower stall, stuff like that."  The Playgirl scout is especially keen on getting the young stud into a jockstrap. 



Johnston will appear on the cover of a special end-of-year print issue of Playgirl (which was already planned and is coming out regardless of Johnston's involvement) and in a "Farrah Fawcett type centerfold."  Nardicio mentions including special features, such as an intervew with Lady Gaga by Anderson Cooper, and he predicts that the issue will be a huge best-seller and an instant collector's item.



If Johnston is to appear in the special print issue (with additional photos posted on he must adhere to the November photo shoot.  Otherwise, the deal could be off for good.  But no matter what, says Nardicio, Johnston and Playgirl are forever linked.  "If you read the blogs, people think he's already posed for us.  At this point there's so much media hype that you can't think of him without thinking of Playgirl."

Pose, Levi, pose!  We beg you!


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