Sunday June 15, 2008

FABULOUS And BOHEMIAN in Brooklyn—Brandon Olson, Erin Markey, Adam Dugas, Dazzle Dancers And More!

The Event: The latest installment of the Tingle Tangle Club, the avant-garde cabaret variety show produced and hosted by promoter Earl Dax.

The Place: The charmingly unfancy Glasslands performance space, right off the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Crowd: Artsy bohemians, who somehow manage to survive, thrive and look fabulous in costly New York City.  How do they do it? 


Performer Jonny Woo (who was visiting from London) opted for makeup galore, while artiste Brandon Olson looked divine in a flowered frock.

Brandon Olson Jonny Woo Glasslands


Dashing singer Adam Dugas embraces dolled-up birthday gal Viva Ruiz.  Until recently, she was also known as Propecia Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers—but she just changed her name to Destiny Dasani Dazzle.  Learn it!

Adam Dugas Viva Propecia Destiny Dasani Dazzle Dancers


Entertainer La JohnJoseph was gloriously dandy.

La JohnJoseph Glasslands


Justin Bond in a little black summer dress; her boyfriend Nathan chose to wear even less.

Justin Bond Nathan Glasslands


Clever performance artist Erin Markey designed and made her own T-shirt, a tribute to her Midwest roots.

Erin Markey Glasslands


Legs Malone looked sexy and classy as she regaled the audience with her strip-tease burlesque act.

Legs Malone burlesque Glasslands


Cute crooner Novice Theory is a casual kind of guy.

Novice Theory Glasslands


Needles Jones—named for her fondness for syringes in the early 1980s—was visiting from Philadelphia.  For the stage, she chose this inspired get-up.

Needles Jones Glasslands


Ah, glamour! Cary Curran (a.k.a. Cherry Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers) delighted the party in a flirty white mini-dress.

Cary Curan Cherry Dazzle Glasslands

Who needs the Riveria, when there’s the rotting Brooklyn piers?


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