Tuesday May 11, 2010

FACIAL HAIR Trend Sweeps Anti-Gay Movement!

Religious right leader George Rekers has had a rough time lately, ever since he was caught by the press cavorting with a nublie male escort.



But at least his moustache looks good!  Thick, fluffy and ready to rub!


Rekers is one of the founding members of the antigay organization NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality), where many of his cohorts also sport facial hair.  It's a Christian look that's modern, masculine and oh-so-very heterosexual!




Dr. Joseph Nicolosi



Dr. Neil Whitehead (with his devoted wife)



Robert L. Vazzo



Dr. Christopher Rosik



Lester Petlow


Well-groomed and sexy as they fight for heterosexual supremacy!



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