Thursday September 25, 2008

FASHION ILLUSTRATION Exhibit Opens In NYC With All Sorts of STUNNING Work!


 Where: The Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation gallery in NYC’s Soho neighborhood

What: Tuesday night’s opening of “The Line of Fashion,” which features the work of fashion illustrators, past and present, including such masters as Antonio Lopez and Joe Eula.  The exhibit departs from the gallery’s usual fare of erotic art, yet still abounds with stunning beauty and sensuality.  (The illustration above is by Todd Draz.)

The exhibit’s curator is Robert W. Richards, whose own work is represented in the show.


Among the works by other artists is a portrait by Antonio of the Studio 54-era personality known as Kevin, who was famed for adorning himself in luxurious woman’s clothing.


Modern-day dandy Patrick McDonald is also captured by several different illustrators, including this portrait by Michael Volbracht.

With magazines having long ago abandoned illustrations for photographers, the exhibit is a glorious reminder of the power of the pen!