Saturday August 9, 2008

Fooled Us! We Thought Rapper CAZWELL Got A Drag Queen To Portray BEYONCE In His Funny NEW VIDEO

Beyoncé is a fast-food munching cheapskate in the latest tell-a-story rap song and video from NYC nightlife personality Cazwell.

In an exclusive interview with My Comrade, here’s what he has to say about “I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King”:

-Cazwell was inspired to write the song after hearing one of his pals, squeaky-voiced rapper Jonny Makeup (who sings the song’s chorus), gush about running into Ms. Knowles at an American Apparel store.

-The girl portraying Beyoncé in the video isn’t a trannie! Her name is Tamikko and she’s much in demand as a hip-hop dancer. “She knows how to keep it really campy,” says Cazwell.

-“I didn’t want to look like I was coming for Beyoncé,” says Cazwell. “I wanted the video to be cute.” The public seems to agree; he says that out of thousands of hits for the video so far (over 70,000 on Perez Hilton’s site alone), only a handful have been negative.

What’s not to love about his burgers-and-fries rhyme and video by director Bec Stupak?