Wednesday November 12, 2008

From Across The Pond, It's London’s ACT ART With All Sorts of Glorious KOOKS!

Performance artists galore converged this past week in London for the annual interdisciplinary event Act Art to show off their colorful costuming and imaginative stage antics.



Mistress of ceremony duties were handled by Ms. Timberlina

Ryan Styles' performance included  smoking ten cigarettes simultaneoulsy.  (Or should we say fags?)

Adele Adams isn't shy…


Ferel opted for an provocative rap song.



And former New Yorker La JohnJoseph (who kindly sent us the pics) premiered his work, “My Dick is Just a Metaphor,” which features dance, text and a make-out session set to 1990s techno tunes.

London, U.K.—always a hotbed of creativity!

Photos by

Ulli Richter (


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