Friday November 14, 2008

From Sea To Shining Sea, Pissed-Off Queers PROTEST Proposition 8

Since Election Day, gays have been out in full force protesting the passage of Proposition 8 by California voters, which outlaws same-sex marriage in that state.

On Wednesday, thousands of people marched in Manhattan, including in front of a Mormon temple.  The campaign to pass the proposition was largely funded by Mormons at the beck and call of church leaders.


Tomorrow (Sat, Nov 15th)  marks a national day of protest against Propostion 8.   In New York, the demo is from 1:30–3:30pm at City Hall, 260 Broadway.  For more info, go to


Whether or not gays should be championing the institution of marriage is still a vital topic for debate, but what Prop 8 really boils down to is a creepy effort to keep queers in their place.   Second-class citizenship is so 20th-century.  Time for a change!!!!!


Photos by Ves Pitts (