Monday June 1, 2009

Gagging For The Fashion! Nightlife Star ONE-HALF NELSON And His Wild Style Inspires Dress-Up Affair!

Imitation was the sincerest form of flattery this past weekend in New York at Mr. Black nightclub's special theme party honoring resident host and style icon One-Half Nelson.

Extravagant eyeglasses, circular hats and crazy fabric patterns were on display as the cult of OHN clad themselves like their beloved leader.

Behold their incredible creations!

The real One-Half Nelson and beau DJ Nita


Ladyfag, One-Half Nelson and Marcellus


Mikie Likesit opted for a penis nose


 DJ Michael Magnan


Mother Flawless Sabrina, Sophia Lamar and Lavinia Co-op


More hats than the Easter Parade!




As always, Xander went full force


Flawless made a grand exit

What a stylish night!


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