Monday November 9, 2009

Glamour Is Not Dead! Behold These MISS GAY AMERICA Contestants

And the winner of Miss Gay America 2010 is... Alyssa Edwards!

The pageant (in biz since 1987) was recently held in St. Louis, and is considered one of the country's most prestigous female-impersonation competitions.


The hair!  The jewelry!  The gowns!  The girls' theatrical names! 


The over-the-top aesthetics are incredible, as evidenced by some of Edwards' lovely competitors, pictured below.  (All of them have all won other competitions—there are many, especially in the Midwest and South!)



JADE SINCLAIR (Miss Midwest America 2009)


CHANTEL RASHAE (Miss Mid America 2009)


TISHA TOWERS (Miss Gay Delaware America 2009)


SPARKLE IMAN (Miss Gay Kansas America 2009)


KARYN THOMAS (Miss Gay America Competition History)


COCO MONTRESE (Miss Heart of America 2009)


MARIAH CANDY (Miss Gay Illinois America 2009)

Dedicated to their craft!