Monday June 15, 2009

GREY GARDENS Celebrated At Harlem Cinema Founded By Film's Director ALBERT MAYSLES

Devoted fans of Grey Gardens—the 1975 documentary about Jackie Onassis’s extremely eccentric aunt and cousin, Big Edie and Little Edie—converged this past weekend in Harlem for a festival celebrating the phenomenally popular and enduring movie.


The location was Maysles Cinema, a charming bohemian outpost on Malcolm X Boulevard that was founded last year by the movie's director Albert Maysles (who made the film with his late brother David).


Here I am with 82-year-old Albert, who is wonderfully gregarious.


On sale were copies of a new book about the making of the film written and illustrated by Albert’s daughters, Sara and Rebekah Maysles.


I was honored to host a variety show that included never-before-seen film clips as well as live performances by Little Edie impersonators Bambi the Mermaid (left) and Clams Casino, and Matthew Mohr, as Buster, one of the many raccoons that occupied the ramshackle East Hampton mansion where Edie and Edie lived.


Outdoors shrubbery helped create a GG environment.


Artist Anne Koch (right) transformed the cinema’s basement lounge into the mansion’s rag-tag bedrooms.  Also pictured, artist Scott Hug (center) and Ryan.


Clams made herself right at home.


A taxidermy cat was an appropriately bizarre touch.

Grey Gardens forever!