Thursday August 28, 2008

One Big Advantage Of Holding The DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION In Denver—The MALE ESCORTS Are A Bargain!

Denver may not be the most exciting place to hold the DNC, but at least it offers some carnal pleasures—and at reasonable prices.  An exclusive My Comrade survey of male-escort websites reveals that most of Denver’s studs-for-hire charge only $100 to $200 per hour.

Compare that to pricey cities like New York, where escorts often go for twice as much.

For a horny conventioneer on a budget, Denver's low prices are a godsend.  After spending the entire day applauding like a trained seal, there’s no better escape from dull politics than a relaxing mile-high sex session.

From Men4RentNow:

Left: thongboy1981 ($125); Right: boy4younow ($200)

   Denver escorts

Left: denvers_boy ($150); Right: Felix (In $100, Out $120)

Denver escorts  Denver escorts

Left: cesar20008 (Rates vary); Right: DiscreetTopJock8 (Rates vary)

Denver escorts Denver escorts


Next week, it’s Republicans’ turn to indulge in cheap gay sex.  The site of their convention, St. Paul, Minnesota, also offers plenty of deals. For example...


DJmpls (In $150, Out $170)

Denver escorts


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