Sunday June 8, 2008

HOT TELLY MESS: Logo's NewNowNext AWARDS with Candis Cayne, Dangerous Muse, Dazzle Dancers And More

Last night, the gay cable-network Logo broadcast its first ever NewNowNext Awards (which is named after the channel’s music-video program).  There were cornball moments galore, but  it was definitely entertaining, with lots of potential for better awards ceremonies to come.   Among the highlights and lowlights:

Candis Cayne was fabulously perky as the show’s co-host (with Colman Domingo of Logo's Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show).  But along with the rest of the talent, she was saddled with a stinker of a “script” that relied heavily on fake spats between co-presenters.  So painfully unfunny… 

Candis Cayne Colman Domingo NewNowNext Awards Logo

Candis won the Brink of Fame award, but lost the Cause You’re Hot award to… Tina Fey…?  Not quite sure what she has to do with a gay awards show…

Speaking of hot, the electronic dance-pop band Dangerous Muse was rocking!  At one point, super cute lead-singer Mike Furey provocatively stuck his cordless microphone into the wiling mouth of guitarist Tom Napack.  Erotic!

NewNowNext Awards Logo Dangerous Muse shirtless


NewNowNext Awards Logo Dangerous Muse microphone

Also pumping electro-pop was Lady GaGa, who’s been working the NYC gay-bar circuit lately.  Her deadpan stage antics and futuristic costume was rad!  

NewNowNext Awards Logo Lady GaGa

Old reliable warhorse Cindy Lauper looked and sounded good… She’s a bigger supporter of the LGBT community than most of its actual members. 

NewNowNext Awards Logo Cindy Lauper Candis Cayne

The Cliks were happy to win the “Brink of Frame: Music Award” (granted, the competition was pretty weak). 

NewNowNext Awards Logo Cliks

Who played Kelly, the show's supposed intern stage-manager—a straight guy?  A few seconds of her irritating schtick might have been OK, but “she” kept popping up all night.  Get the hook!

NewNowNext Awards Logo kelly

The Dazzle Dancers looked great, but got stuck on stage with prissy comedian Billy Eichner.  He was obviously annoyed that he had to share the stage with the DDs, at one point snapping, “OK, you’re gay, we get it.”

NewNowNext Awards Logo Dazzle Dancers Billy Eichner

Christian Sirano won Most Addictive Reality Star, beating out such competitors as Heidi and Spencer of the Hills (who were no doubt devastated by the loss). 

NewNowNext Awards Logo Christian Sirano Project Runway

True to form the Project Runway designer managed to utter "fabulous" and "hot" and "tranny" and "mess." (The show was taped before he made his “controversial” statements comparing trannys to white trash.)

Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show's Julie Goldman accepted her award for best comedian, but the moment was marred by the large beer drools on her vest.

NewNowNext Awards Logo Julie Goldman

Also presenting was Jensen Atwood, the hot straight actor who pays a hot gay guy on Noah’s Arc.  By the way, he also stars in a new 16-month calendar that shows off his great bod.

NewNowNext Awards Logo Jensen Atwood calendar butt

"Totally Most Rad Sickest Blog” went to DListed, who didn’t bother to send anyone to accept.  Note to producers: promises to accept any sort of award you might want to give us (and then we’ll write only good stuff about the show).