Thursday July 9, 2009

I Broke Out The BURQA Again... And Hit The Town

A few Halloweens ago, my friend Lola made me a mini-burqa, which I've worn several times since.  It's so much fun being a woman of mystery. 


Last night I donned the frock once more, partly as an homage to Michael Jackson.


I started things out at Santos Party House, where Farrad (who I also know both as Willie and as Negro Noir Dazzle of the Dazzle Dancers) threw a super successful launch party for his debut dance-music CD, The Time is Now. 



With Farrad after his wowie-zowie performance.


With some Dazzle Dancers—Cameron (left), newbie Dazzle (Jonathan?) and Viva.


With Xavier


Afterward, the perfect weather made for a relaxing stroll through the streets of Manhattan. 



With Charley


With Viva


With Andre


With lots of boxes


From left to right: Larry, the adorable hostess of La Esquina, Andrew and moi


I eventually ended up at Eastern Bloc for DJ Sparber's weekly party Good Times.



With Kelvin


With sexy Scottish guy


More hot Scots—Twin tourists!

Some people can't figure out why any modern woman would choose to wear a burqa.  From my own experience, I think I know why—It's an incredibly protective and sexy sensation, plus you never have to reapply lipstick!