Saturday November 22, 2008

Instead of Legalizing MARIJUANA And Collecting Taxes, California Destroys $11 BILLION Worth of Pot Plants!

Take that Mother Nature!  Drug enforcement authorities have announced that they uprooted and burned nearly three million pot plants last year—in California alone!—which were estimated to have a total street value of $11.6 billion.

Can you imagine how much it must cost to finance such a major operation?  During this severe economic crisis, as our government plummets further and further into dept, millions of precious tax dollars are being spent by the drug police to hunt for grass!


Wouldn’t it make a hell of a lot more sense, as many leading economists have suggested, to legalize marijuana and tax it?


We ain’t too good when it comes to economics, but it seems to us there’s at least a few billion to be made in tax revenues on $11.6 billion worth of goods.


Wake up, Drug Enforcement Agency and all you other idiotic anti-pot groups!   It’s time for a major policy change!  Stop wasting our money!



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