Sunday July 6, 2008

It's Amazing What The MISS LEZ PAGEANT Can Do For A Girl's Career!

Once again, it’s time for the annual Miss LEZ Pageant, brought to you by New York nightlife kingpin Murray Hill.  The eighth installment of the laugh-riot spectacle occurs this upcoming Saturday, July 12th.

For some past contestants, the pageant has played a vital role in revving up their showbiz careers.

In 2005, the crowd was wowed by the bizarre antics of Dynasty Handbag, who had just recently moved to NYC.  Her victory let the locals know she was a whacked-out force to be reckoned with.  Soon after, she nabbed shows at P.S. 122, Galapagos and other esteemed performance venues.

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill Dynasty Handbag

In 2006, larger-than-life Glenn Marla won the crown, and from there emerged as a favorite on the nightlife circuit and in the theatre world, including a co-starring role in Justin Bond’s acclaimed musical, Lustre.

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill Glenn Marla

Last year’s winner, Elena Azzoni, has had a relatively low-profile reign.  

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill

Much more in the spotlight has been runner-up Queens Marie, who helps promote and host the monthly gender-bending party Victoria.

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill Queens Marie Victoria

Who among this year's contestants will go onto further greatness? 

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill

Judges include Michael Musto and the World Famous *BOB* (and My Comrade editor Linda Simpson).

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill Michael Musto World Famous Bob

And, of course, Mr. Hill is hosting.

Miss LEZ Pageant Murray Hill

It’s the social event of the season!