Sunday July 20, 2008

It's Hotter Than Hell In NYC, But The PARTY TRAIN Keeps On Chug-A-Lugging! WEEKEND PICS From Dietch Studios And Mr. Black

Like all summers in NYC,  it’s a hot one this year.   Even at night, the temperature remains high, which puts everyone in a sort of spacey and horny stupor.  It’s the perfect ambiance for sexy socializing…

On Friday, Deitch Studios, the massive art gallery (and sweat box) on the Queens waterfront, welcomed the roving avant-garde cabaret Tingel Tangel Club.  Lots of great acts, including…

The Pixie Harlots

Machine Dazzle Dancers Tingel Tangel Deitch Studios  Pixie Harlots Tingel Tangel Deitch Studios

An intricate piercing demonstration

Tingel Tangel Club Deitch Studios


Singer Novice Theory and the show’s cohost Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters

Tingel Tangel Club Deitch Studios Ana Matronic Novice Theory


At end of the night, Tingel Tangel promoter Earl Dax liberated himself from his shirt.

Tingel Tangel Club Deitch Studios Earl Dax


On Saturday, hundreds flocked to Mr. Black, the former downtown nightclub that’s relocated to a bigger bi-level space in Chelsea.  Yay, the air-conditioning was pumping!

On the left are DJ Michael Magnan and hostess Ladyfag.  On the right are Viva Ruiz (a.k.a. Propecia of the Dazzle Dancers) and her supercolorful pal, who were coming from the premiere of a music video for Viva's band Escandalo.

Mr. Black Michael Magnan Ladyfag  Mr. Black Viva Ruiz Dazzle Dancers

Garin and David

Mr. Black Garin Daniel


Milan, who is the most captivating dancer in the world.

Mr. Black Milan drag

Red-hot and sizzling!