Monday June 23, 2008

Just When We Were Getting Over Elliot Spitzer... Here Comes Another GRANDSTANDING NY POLITICIAN "Getting Tough" On PROSTITUTION

Eric Gioia New York council prostitution craigslist

Glad to see that NYC councilman Eric Gioia’s staff is keeping busy.  According to today’s Daily News, the Queens politician announced yesterday that his employees have been whiling away the hours “investigating hundreds of hundreds of erotic ads on Craigslist and discovered 85% were solicitations for prostitution.”

Eric Gioia New York council prostitution craigslist

The article doesn’t mention how his staff came to this shocking conclusion.  Did they simply call  Craigslist masseurs, private dancers, etc. and and ask if their services included blowjobs?  Or did the staffmembers actually make appointments, allow themselves to be massaged, and then—Aha!— discover that all sorts dirty deeds were availabe?   And were Gioia’s sleuths equal-opportunity soliciters, answering erotic ads placed by women, men and transsexuals?

Eric Gioia New York council prostitution craigslist

Gioia (pronounced Joy-ah, as in “The blowjob gave me much joy-ah”) didn’t propose any specific legislation to stem the cyberhooker tide, but “implored law enforcement to boost its vigilance of the Web.”

In other words, let’s sic the NYPD on easy-to-bust sex workers, which, of course, does nothing to address any sort of real concerns about sexual exploitation on the Internet or anywhere else.

Gioia, who is rumored to be preparing to run for public advocate, has often been accused of seeking the spotlight, as documented on the keep-them-honest blog queenscrap.

As one commenter noted: “Eric Gioia is another Queens politician who is only interested in one thing... publicity.”

Eric Gioia New York council prostitution craigslist

Why are so many New York politicians such moralistic boobs?


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