Thursday May 15, 2008

LESBIAN UPDATE: Jodie + Cydney and Lindsay + Samantha and a Woman Who Looks Like a Man Who Got KICKED OUT of the Loo


jodie foster lesbian lover cydney bernard

Tongues are wagging all over Hollywood that Jodie Foster has split with her long-time, uh, companion, film-producer Cydney Bernard.  The two have lived with each other for 14-years and raised two children, but never publicly acknowledged their lesbian bond.  (Actually, last year Jodie gave a shout-out to Cydney at some minor awards show).

The couple's poor kids are caught in the middle.  Lord knows, they've already suffered enough psychological damage.  For years, mommy and mommy have taught by example that being honest and open to the world is a bad thing.  Better to be secretive and don't trust people.

Maybe the split will force Jodie and Cydney out of the closet.  If the couple goes to court to resolve their differences, they have to be upfront about their relationship.  Right?


samantha ronson lesbian lindsay lohan

Also tight-lipped about their rumored romance are Linday Lohan and her tom-boy DJ buddy, Samanantha Ronson, who have been quite affectionate with each other during a trip to Paris this week.  If Lindsay is a lesbian, hopefully she won't make it a life-long "secret" like Ms. Foster.

Lindsay Lohan Samantha Lohan lesbian Paris

In legal news, a butch lesbian can buy all the tacos she wants after reaching a financial settlement with a (tacky) NYC Mexican restaurant.

khadijah farmer caliente lesbian lawsuit

Last year, Khadijah Farmer was rudely thrown out of the women's bathroom when a bouncer mistook her for a man and then refused to allow her to go back in after she showed her I.D.

Farmer gets $35,000. The restaurant also agrees to adopt some new policy changes.  The employee handbook now states "persons patronizing or employed at Caliente have the right to use the bathroom facilities consistent with their gender identity and expression.”

Thrilled to hear the news are actress Cynthia Nixon and her tie-wearing lover Christine Marinoni.

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