Friday March 5, 2010

PLASTIC SURGERY's Fondest Fans Unveiled In New Photo Series

Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic!


Joan Rivers is leading a new race, created in the operating room with scalpels and stiches and silicon aplenty! 



And now these humanoids are being documented by British-born photog Phillip Toledano.  His fab project, "A New Kind of Beauty," explores modern plastic surgery extremes with a Renaissance motif.  Talk about a sight for sore eyes!







Porn princess Allanah Starr





More portraits at Toledano's Web site.


Thanks to Next Magazine's Nexus' blog for bringing this gem to our attention! 


EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was written by's new intern, Victoria Bee.  She'll be writing lots more—we've chained her to the office radiator! (Which she kind of likes!)



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