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Sunday June 21, 2009

Look What's Popped Up Lately In Our E-MAIL BOX—All Sorts Of Entertaining Stuff

Someone sent us a recent pic of French designer Thierry Mugler, who continues his incredible transformation into the Amazing Hulk.  

Then and Now


The kids who used to throw the rowdy party Stache are back at NYC's Beauty Bar on Thursdays with Boon Dickles Beaver House. (Love the ridiculous name!)

Then: Hostess Duch sandwiched by DJs Zach (left) and Tommy Hottpants


Now: The trio, along with their new collaborators


Our amigo Conrad sent this hot pic from Mexico City’s Gay Pride Parade.


Speaking of gay… Patricia Field Boutique went against the grain and chose a great boy-girl image for the store’s queer boat party.  (Yes, the bikini babe is a girl!)


Murray Hill has a new comedy album in the works and wants you to help supply the laffs.


A simple yet eye-catching invite for a new Monday-night affair


 Summer greetings from hilarious songstress Wendy Ho!

Keep those cards and letters coming!