Tuesday August 12, 2008

Looking To Buy Some MAKEUP-STAINED TISSUES To Hang On Your Wall? Ask Transsexual Party Promoter SOPHIA LAMAR

Some people save stamps, others save coins.  But Sophia Lamar—the subject of this week’s “Artifact” section in New York Magazine—prefers collecting tissues she uses to wipe off her makeup.  In fact, she’s got 18-years worth!  Where does she save ’em all—in big hefty bags on her fire escape?

Sophia Lamar

Lamar, who's been a NYC after-dark star for as long as she's been saving tissues, recalls first noticing the beauty of her multi-colored disposables: “It was almost like my face was right there—the eyes, the lashes, the details.  I said, ‘This belongs in an art gallery.’”

She finally got her wish—her favorites have been mounted as a collage, which is on display as part of an exhibit at Asia Song Society.

The gallery is owned by hot-shot artist Terrence Koh, whose own work sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  His preferred materials include his own shit and semen

On his website, you can buy his shitty underwear for $150 and cum-stained pairs for $200.

Terrence Koh underwear  Terrence Koh

Hmm, maybe that can be Sophia's next art project, too…

Sophia Lamar


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