Friday July 4, 2008

MADONNA Has A Seven-Year Itch—And It's Latin Flavored

Madonna Alex A-Rod Rodriguez Daily News cover

Okay, it's not exactly a seven-year itch, but Madonna definitely has a cyclical craving for Latin lovers...

Her lookalike beaus, clockwise from left:

1983 boyfriend DJ John "Jellybean" Martinez; 1990 lover Tony Ward; 1997 bady daddy Carlos Leon; 2008 rumored other man Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez.

Madonna John Jellybean Martinez   Madonna Tony Ward  

Madonna Carlos Leon   Madonna Alex A-Rod Rodriguez Daily News cover

Who’s gonna be her 2015 fling?

Mexican soccer sensation Carlos Vela?

Carlos Vela Madonna

He’ll be 26 then… She’ll be 57… 

Madonna Evita

Cougar time!


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