Friday June 13, 2008

MADONNA Is Royally Pissed At Gay Brother CHRISTOPHER CICCONE—He's Writing A TELL-ALL Book!

Christopher Ciccone Madonna gay

Madonna’s gay brother, Christopher Ciccone, is supplying this summer’s perfect beach book—or should we should bitch book?—an exposé of his big sister that hits stores next month.

Ms. Ritchie is reported to be livid and consulting with her lawyers to stop publication.  For several years, she and CC have been on the outs, but back during one of her wildest eras—the late 1980s and early ’90s—the siblings were palsy-walsy and artistic collaborators.  Besides directing a couple of her videos, he decorated her Manhattan penthouse.

He’s sure to have all sorts of juicy tidbits about his older sibling, including who she screwed and who she screwed over.

As Madonna's former friend Sandra Bernhard—a fellow Kabbalah kook—would say, “Karma is a bitch!” 

Sandra Bernhard car Madonna

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