Tuesday July 15, 2008

Magazine Cover Controversy—MICHELLE OBAMA Looks Like She's ANGELA DAVIS, The 1960s Radical And LESBIAN

By now you've heard the commotion about the latest cover of the New Yorker, which features Barak Obama as a Muslim terrorist and his wife Michelle looking like Afro-wearing 1960s activist Angela Davis.

New Yorker cover Barak Michelle Obama

The illustration, of course, parodies the right-wing’s ridiculous fear-mongering about the Obamas.  But a lot of people aren’t getting the joke and are expressing outrage at the magazine’s “insensitive” cover.

Well, here’s something else for them to get upset about: Davis is a lesbian, having publicly come out in an interview with Out Magazine in 1997.

Angela Davis

Obviously, the New Yorker is implying that Michelle Obama is a lesbian!

How low can the media go with their insults and lies?  The free press must be stopped now!


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