Monday August 31, 2009

MIAMI BEACH 1994—Do You Recognize These Fabulous Queens?

Here I am in January 1994 visiting Miami Beach, which was so amazing back then with a ton of flamboyant queens ruling the nightlife.  Outside of New York, it was the draggiest place on Earth.

On the far right is Adora, who still reigns as one of South Beach's biggest lipysynching stars.  Next to her is Damian Dee-Vine, who has since transitioned into va-va-voom transsexual porn actress Allanah Starr. 



NOW: Adora posing for a faux Warhol.  I adore her glam sense of style and Cuban accent!

NOW: Allanah at her birthday bash last year.  She resides in NYC and is a very successful party promoter.  Such a sweetheart—so bubbly and fun to be around!

I wish I could remember the names of the other two gals in the picture.  I'm sure they're still fab no matter where they are or what they've become!


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