Wednesday April 30, 2008

Miley, Your Photo In A Sheet Ain't NOTHIN' Compared To This Glamour Shot of Brooke Shields When She Was 10-YEARS OLD!

So fifteen-year-old Miley Cyrus showed a little skin for Vanity Fair.  Whoop-dee-do.

For all the uproar you would have thought photographer Annie Liebowitz had tied Miley down and shot her nude and spread-eagle.  (Wouldn’t Annie have loved that?)

The photo is actually kind of dull, especially compared to this captivating portrait of Brooke Shields, who was about ten-years old at the time.

A couple of years later, Brooke went on to star as a child prostitute in Louis Malle's 1978 film, Pretty Baby.

From there, she grew up A-OK. Had a successful modeling and acting career, graduated from Princeton, chewed out Tom Cruise.

And Miley will probably turn out just fine, too... that is if she isn't too traumatized by all the hateful comments coming from her loud-mouth moralizing attackers.  It's their over-the-top anger that's really obscene. 

Speaking of Pretty Baby, look who else was in the cast—without any sheet at all... 

 Susan Sarandon... Nice tits!

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