Saturday September 20, 2008

MISS UNDERSTOOD, SHERRY VINE And Other Gender Illusionists Yak About SEX And ROMANCE


Drag queens come to the romantic rescue on
The site’s “Dating Advice” column regularly features people from various walks of life—kayakers, art students, etc.—offering tips on love and lust.
Stepping into the role this week are NYC DQ Miss Understood and some of the gals she employs through her Screaming Queens talent agency—


Sherry Vine...

Sherry Vine





And Miss Understood.

Miss Understood


The quartet does a good job of mixing practical advice with yuk-yuk laughs.  For instance…

Question: I have a fantasy of having sex in public, but I'm scared my boyfriend will think I'm a freak if I confess this.  How can I tell him without scaring him away?

Miss Understood: No guy will ever say no to such delectably whorish behavior!  Just suggest a late-night walk on the beach, stop to look at the moon, unzip his pants and go to town.  Men are all pigs.  Sometimes that works in your favor.

We've got photographic proof that Miss Understood speaks from experience...

Miss Understood

Delectably whorish behavior, indeed!


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