Monday November 23, 2009

My 48 Hours in NYC As A Clown With A Big Red Nose!

Some fashion snobs might call me tacky—I wore my clown outfit two nights in a row!



The first stop on my clown tour was Bingo-Ski, where I was the night's birthday gal.




With ultra-kooky spokesmodel Duch.


Taking my hostess job seriously with a cutie game winner.


With Rinky-Dink and Vinny Dazzle—and phallic balloons!  


Afterwards at Beauty Bar in a polka dot daze.


The following night I opted to go clownish again for the 25th anniversary of the beautiful people restaurant Indochine.  I was one of dozens of performers brought on board to add some spice.  (Thanks for the job, Miss Understood!)



With Sequinette and Sylvia London.



 I am not afraid to repeat outfits—

I play by my own clown rules!