Thursday April 29, 2010

MY COMRADE Calls For Boycott of Arizona's Tacky TURQUOISE JEWELRY

Boycott Arizona!  That's the battle cry after the state passed a harsh new law cracking down on illegal immigrants. joins the fight by urging members of the LGBT community to boycott one of the state's most important products—tacky turquoise jewelry.



Arizona annually produces a huge onslaught of garish bright blue rings, bracelets, belt buckles, earings, bolo ties and other items.


Many of the accessories are purchased by flamboyant gays, especially same-sex square dancers.



For them to curb their turquoise jewelry habit will take considerable effort.


But we must stay united in our activist efforts.


Boycott tacky turquoise jewelry from Arizona now!  (Tacky turquoise jewelry from New Mexico is acceptable.)


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