Tuesday July 8, 2008

NAKED AMBITION! Performance Artist LA JOHNJOSEPH Poses NUDE For My Comrade To Help Promote His New Show

When La JohnJoseph asked us to help get the word out about his new show, Notorious Beauty, at NYC’s Dixon Place, we told him yes, but under one condition: provide us with exclusive nude photos of himself.

Well, he took the challenge! The lovely portraits are by Liz Liguori.

La JohnJoseph Notorious Beauty


La JohnJoseph Notorious Beauty   La JohnJoseph Notorious Beauty

La JohnJoseph Notorious Beauty

But you know what?  We were bluffing.  Nudes or no nudes, we’re happy to promote the talented English import, who Time Out describes as "a ginger-tressed cross between Quentin Crisp and Greer Garson."

Dixon Place describes the show as “a transformative, trans-Atlantic, transgender tale of androgyny, petty theft, underage sex, and an abandoned modeling career.  Raucous and heartfelt, the show is a conflation of remembered dialogue, dreams, lip synchs, and telephone calls, which mixes monologue and video with pop music, to create a charming and very queer piece of storytelling.”

Plus, there are special guests! 

Opening night, Thursday, July 10th, features Brandon Olson.

Brandon Olson Notorious Beauty

The show also runs Friday, July 11th and Saturday, July 12th. 

La JohnJoseph Notorious Beauty

See you there!

Can’t wait for the part about the underage sex…