Thursday October 30, 2008

New MUSIC From Heatherette Designer RICHIE RICH — Is He Reviving His SINGING Career?

Club-kid turned Heatherette fashion-designer Richie Rich has a new 12-song DVD!
However, only one of the songs is actually by him—“Celebutante,” which is also the name of the collection.  He curated the rest of the tracks, including songs by the Scissor Sisters, Mya and Blondie.

This isn’t the squeaky-voiced multi-tasker’s first foray into the music scene.  Back in the 1990s, he made some stabs at being a singer, including his single “Love You a Million”…

... And his dance version of Olivia Newton-John’s “Magic."

 Will "Celebutante" be his breakthrough hit?  It's never too late to be a pop star!


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